Fish markets in Barbados

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Fish markets in Barbados

Fish markets in Barbados are dotted along the main roads and vary in size from just a table to a municipal building housing several fishermen selling their catch.

It doesn’t matter which one you visit but we strongly suggest you visit at least a few of them whilst you are on the island.

Typically the table will be at the end of somebody’s drive, selling maybe one or two varieties of fish. There might even be another table with home grown fruits or vegetables for sale too so you can pick up the makings of a salad at the same time. In a few places there are larger market stalls where fisherman will store their catch in large plastic tubs filled with crushed ice to keep the fish as fresh as possible. Whilst in Bridgetown there are bigger “markets” where several people work, gutting and filleting fish before it is sold on a much more commercial scale.

Regardless of where you chose to buy you know it will be fresh, and much cheaper than you are used to at home. If you go for the medium or larger places they will prepare your fish for you and throw in some free advice on how to cook it. Want tuna for eight? No problem. A large piece of fish will be cut and weighed, and then boned and cut into steaks before being bagged and handed to to you. King fish, marlin or the local’s favourite: “flying fish” are likely to be on offer on a daily basis, with a few other specials sometimes for sale. Think lobster, snapper, barracuda.

The fishermen are keen to share stories of the catch with you and tell you how best to cook it so do take the time to chat to them. Nothing in Barbados is done in a rush, especially when it involves a rather large knife!


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