Garrison horses daybreak swim

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Garrison horses daybreak swim

During a recent stay some guests of ours found a few mentions on line that the race horses that live at Garrison are taken for a swim every morning at daybreak.   There wasn’t a huge amount of information available except a vague location and the suggestion it was at dawn.   Thinking this might make for some great photos they set their alarms for 4.30am and headed down to Pebbles Beach.   The beach is sign posted off the main highway in Garrison, and there is a car park straight ahead as you come off the main road.    (It is the same car park where the famous Cuz’s snack stall is situated, some say selling the best fish cakes on the island).

Park up and wander down to the beach, turning right and going towards the pier.    If you settle on the sand the horses will slowly come down in pairs and you can watch them enjoying a cooling swim in the water.   You do need to be there at dawn though, ideally around 5.30am (and we can’t guarantee they will be there every day as they don’t swim on race days so if you want to be certain to catch them check there isn’t a race happening).

It really is the most magical of sights.  They were in twos and threes when our guests saw them but we have heard there can be as many as eight at a time.

If you are feeling brave you can ask if you might join the horses for a swim too, but do be mindful to ask permission of the horses’ carer and make you stay near the horse’s head where he can see you!

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