Getting around Barbados

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Getting around Barbados



It is hard to get lost in Barbados, and in fact getting around Barbados really is a piece of cake.   On a island that is only 14 by 22 miles you are never going to too far away from where you wanted to be or think you should be.   Over the years we have found that the maps are not quite as accurate as you might like them to be so the best thing to do is just shrug your shoulders and keep going until you recognise somewhere, or you see the sea.

There are no trains on the island so the only public transport are buses.    There are designated routes, though it is safe to say they run on Bajan time rather than to a fixed timetable that you can set your watch by.   And they will only pick up from designated stops or shelters.  Shelters are all named, so make sure you keep an eye out for names that you know so you can photograph it and send to a friend back at home!  It is also easy to work out which side of the road you need to be on as the stops are simply marked “to the city” or “out of the city”, with the city clearly being Bridgetown.    A trip on the bus is a must do at least once in Barbados!


Most visitors to the island though hire a car, there are plenty of companies to chose from based at the airport.   It is also relatively easy to hire one for just a few days, with the company dropping it off at your accommodation, and picking it up for you again when you are ready.   Handy if you only need a larger car to get luggage from the airport but would rather have a smaller one for the holiday.   Or if you just want one for a few days mid holiday to explore the island.

The roads are a little “lumpy” with a few more pot holes than you may be used to so it is always wise to proceed with caution, especially on the roads off the main highways heading up into the hills.

But however you chose to get around, do make sure you do.   Its a beautiful place to explore, and the locals will only be too pleased to give you a cheery wave as you pass by.


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