John Moore Bar

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John Moore Bar

Of the John Moore Bar Lonely Planet says:

One of the most atmospheric bars on this coast, John Moore is a fantastic place to escape the confines of your hotel and meet some Bajan characters.


and if you read any other article that mentions John Moore Bar the chances are it is in a piece on the best places to visit on the island.   From the front the bar is very unassuming, some might say understated (once it was brightly painted but now its a muted cream with black lettering), and right on the main Highway up the west coast.  Abandoned boats sit to the side of it, the fish market slightly further up from there.   To the untrained eye you might not give it a second glance, or think that it is just for locals but that would be a shame.

Yes you are likely to find locals playing dominos under the trees, drinking rum, but you will also find a warm welcome if you are a tourist.    The bar owner knows that their spot on the beach is an enviable one, and one they are keen for every one to experience.

This is a typical rum shak, you buy your rum by the bottle (halves and quarters are available and then you buy your mixer, and grab a bowl of ice. This is how it’s done in Barbados so if you haven’t got used to before you arrive at this bar, you’ll be drinking like a Bajan by the time you leave.

We suggest going at sunset so you can really make the most of the view on the beach (there is rarely anyone on it to be honest).  And that you take off your shoes, pull up a stool and breathe out as you savour one of those perfect holiday moments.


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