Barbados’ national dish: Rotis

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Barbados’ national dish: Rotis

If you have ever looked at a menu in Barbados the chances are you have seen the word “rotis” mentioned on it somewhere.   The dictionary definition suggests that a roti is an Indian flat bread, but in Barbados they are the national dish and so much more than that, they are stuffed and totally delicious.

And what that stuffing consists of can vary greatly, but rotis will always be warm and delicious.

You don’t need cutlery to eat them, they are the perfect snack to eat on the beach as they come wrapped and self contained.     The prices do vary, obviously, and can range from a small one picked up from a petrol station at BDS$7 up to them being served as a dish in a restaurant at BDS$30.   But the taste will always been amazing, especially when you eat them on the beach.

The menu above is from the Roti Den which is classed as one of the best places on the island to by rotis.   It is on the main highway in Paynes Bay and if you have ever driven along that road you won’t have missed its brightly coloured exterior.  But did you know that all the roti are prepared on site, fresh every morning?

When we asked how many they prepared every day the two ladies couldn’t tell us be we are fairly certain it runs into the hundreds!

Our favourite is chicken and vegetable but what would yours be?


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