Shopping in Holetown

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Shopping in Holetown



“Something to suit every pocket” is a much over used phrase, but it really couldn’t be more accurate when it comes to shopping in Holetown.

Just down the hill from Fairways and the Royal Westmoreland golf course is Holetown, one of the largest towns on the west coast of Barbados.  Smaller than the capital Bridgetown, but larger than nearby Speightstown, it is a great spot to do a wide variety of shopping.

At one end of the shopping spectrum there are the ladies selling hand made bracelets and hair braids, along side the fisherman showing that morning’s catch on tables beside the road.   Sitting in the shade of the trees they will happily call out and offer to braid hair, patting a small stool that appears to be held together with masking tape.   Whilst also offering to sell an array of beaded bracelets and necklaces.

Men hang out that the fish markets, dotted all along the roadsides.  Some are on tables and some are now in larger markets, all of them caught that day and available to buy whole.   Or as a fillet.   We defy you find fresher fish.   Much of the catch is pre-bought by the world famous restaurants of course, but you can rest assured that what is left for the public to buy is in no way inferior.

At the other end is Limegrove with its array of designer stores and friendly doormen.   Everyone from Breitling and Bulgari, to Chopard, Gucci, Ralph Lauren and Michael Kors have a store there.  As well as a whole host of other smaller boutiques.    Brightly lit, often with an offer of a cold glass of something fizzy, it is a wonderful place to wander around, even if your wallet doesn’t quite stretch to buying anything.  Of course if you are thinking of treating yourself purchases are tax free when exported off the island.

Just along from Limegrove is a fabulous supermarket selling everything you might need during your stay.   From freshly baked breads and pastries to local delicacies and imports from Waitrose in the UK.

Holetown is also home to a small collection of Chattel Houses.  These traditional Bajan houses are now home to a series of independent stores selling everything from clothes to souvenirs, cigars to important American food.  All set around a central courtyard with a cafe.     The cafe is a great place to stop for breakfast as they have free wifi, a range of international newspapers and some of the best smoothies on the island.

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