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Luxury villa on award winning Royal Westmoreland golf course

Mount Gay Rum, Barbados

    You won’t have even left the airport terminal on your first visit to Barbados before you realise that rum, and in particular Mount Gay Rum is synonymous with Barbados.   It is where rum was first made, as a by-product of the sugar trade, and it was on ships leaving Barbados that sailors…
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Harrison’s Cave

Harrison’s Cave is on everybody’s “must see” list and for good reason, and not just first time you visit the island, but every time you come to Barbados. Harrison’s Cave is a massive underground cave structure, which stretches over 2km in a network of underground caves first opened to the public in 1981, though there…
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National Rum Punch Day

In honour of National Rum Punch Day we thought we would share a recipe. The Bajan recipe for a great rum punch is very simple, based on the idea that the word punch comes from “panch”, meaning five in Sanskrit. One of sour, two of sweet, three of strong and four of weak, a dash…
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What To Do With The Kids When It Rains in Barbados

  There is no denying that with an island as green as Barbados, it does, unfortunately, rain from time to time.  Generally overnight or in the morning (and never for very long) but sometimes it might be in the middle of the day, putting paid to any ideas of spending the day at the beach.…
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