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Luxury villa on award winning Royal Westmoreland golf course

Fish markets in Barbados

Fish markets are dotted along the main roads of Barbados and vary in size from just a table to a municipal building housing several fishermen selling their catch. It doesn’t matter which one you visit but we strongly suggest you visit at least a few of them whilst you are on the island. Typically the…
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Mount Gay Rum, Barbados

    You won’t have even left the airport terminal on your first visit to Barbados before you realise that rum is synonymous with Barbados.   It is where rum was first made, as a bi product of the sugar trade, and it was on ships leaving Barbados that sailors discovered the longer the rum…
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Harrison’s Cave, Barbados

Harrisons Cave is on everybody’s “must see” list and for good reason. Harrison’s Cave is a massive underground cave structure, which stretches over 2km in a network of underground caves first opened to the public in 1981, though there is mention of their existence as far back as 1795.   They rediscovered in the late…
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